Wednesday, September 7, 2016


It seems a long way off, yet many are preparing for next summer’s FMCA National Rally. That rally scheduled for July 12 through 16, 2017 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis Indiana will be hosted by the Great Lakes Area MotorCoach Association. That means WE, the members of GLAMA, need to step up as we always have to volunteer. Just as GLAMARAMA, the GLAMA Annual Area Rally has been a great success the past four years as a result of you, we can and will do it again but on a national scale. The reason for this success is that as GLAMA volunteers you have made every attendee feel like this rally is just for them.

Don’t worry you won’t have to volunteer for both GLAMARAMA and the FMCA National Rally in 2017. When the National Rally is held in the GLAMA area there is no separate area rally that year. The next GLAMARAMA is scheduled for June of 2018.

Jim Koenig, GLAMA Senior Vice President has already been contacted by several chapter officers and many individuals to commit to volunteering opportunities. Please communicate with your chapter president or with Jim Koenig ( to get your name in early. Remember though, no assignments to volunteer positions can be made until that volunteer has registered for the specified rally.

There will be many more notices from both FMCA and GLAMA.