Thursday, February 16, 2017



Registration for the FMCA 96th National Convention to be held in Indianapolis Indiana from July 12 through July 15 has begun. Please share this information with your members and others with whom you camp, travel and whom you believe are interested in or may benefit from attending this major FMCA convention. Registration can be completed by accessing FMCA.COM and selecting Conventions >>> Indianapolis, IN 2017 convention information.

Directions for calling in your registration are provided. If you are a national director make certain to indicate such to the FMCA employee with whom you are registering with so that you can be parked with the Governing Board members. You may also choose to register on line by selecting the REGISTER NOW link. For special parking needs I recommend you call to make your registration.

Please note that if you are planning to volunteer at the convention and you are handicapped electrical service may not be available in the handicap parking area until July 11 or 12. More information will be provided later. Also, early morning volunteer attendees should consider parking in the volunteer areas to have greater likelihood of being parked near where you will be assigned as a volunteer. Trams and handicap carts may not be running as early as needed if you’ve been assigned an early volunteer duty.

National conventions do not park attendees based on their chapter affiliations. Rather, caravans are parked together if arriving with easily visible signs that are posted in each members windshield designating 1, 2, 3… of the number in the caravan and all members of the caravan are registered to park in the same parking area, ie. Family, Volunteer, Handicap, etc and the same services, i.e. 30 amp or 50 amp. Parking will be initiated upon all caravan members’ arrival at the Holding Area.

Please note, you do not need to register at the same time to park together, however, you will receive your confirmation documents at a time based on when you registered.